We have an IRC channel, #beebhack on freenode. Note the following things when you join:

  1. It's a quiet channel with most activity when there are new changes on iPlayer or new versions of software that we've written.
  2. The core members will always be connected but we might not be at our computers or aware that there's anyone on the channel when you log in. We recommend logging on, asking a question and then staying online. If we don't respond before you have to log off, leave an email address/blog address/Twitter account name or *something* so we can get back to you. I (Strawp) recommend that you log in via a constantly on machine, e.g. via a Linux server using IRSSI.
  3. We all have jobs so will probably not be on the channel in the small hours of weekdays (UK time) because we'll be asleep.
  4. We welcome other developers who are creating their own iPlayer download apps.