How to install iPlayer Downloader on Windows XP.[]

Download RUBY and install it, get the latest version here.

Now download the iplayer downloader script,(HERE) extract and pop it in your C:/ drive as this will make things simplier.

Go to the C:\iplayer-dl-0.1.15\ and double click the setup file to install the script.

Click Start>Run> and type CMD press ok.

Now in the CMD page type "cd C:\iplayer-dl-0.1.15\bin" (without the "") or where ever the bin folder is placed on your xp.

It should now say "C:\iplayer-dl-0.1.15\bin>". If not you may have moved it in a different place or have a different folder name to what i have.

Ok now type in "ruby iplayer-dl OF YOUR PROGRAM (without the "") ~or~ ruby iplayer-dl 7REGID7(without the "") 7REGID7 stands for the id in the URL e.g. b00lr4wc

It should then list the program title and start downloading it giving you the percentage of download.

Wait for it to fully download.

Now got to C:\iplayer-dl-0.1.15\bin and you will find your .mov file. Simply move/copy it to where ever you like and open it in your favourite media player.

Hope this has cleared things up for people who do not know how to use the script.